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Welcome to DÉJÀ BLUE, a family owned
European-style Restaurant, Café and Bar Lounge
offering Multi-Ethnic cuisine and casual-chic memories from
Italy, France, Spain, Greece, North Africa and the Middle East

We fell in love with Parkland...

In 2008, while grocery shopping at Publix, we discovered an unfinished, abandoned commercial space that would have been perfect for our idea: a corner of Paradise, away from the crowd and foolishness of the City. However, from a business prospective, the timing was not right ... University Drive was not yet connected to Loxahatchee Rd and the economic crisis had spread a veil of loneliness and inactivity around the area.... it was a diamond in the rough.


A few years later we were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time and in 2016 we started building up our dream... Today, we are proud to be here, serving our community  with a concept  that doesn't have the pretension of an upscale restaurant, yet  provides an environment where anyone can enjoy a relaxing and casual-chic atmosphere. 


Our cuisine is  fresh and healthy. Our recipes have all been passed by our family members (Ciao Mamma, love you too!) and are executed daily if not upon order.  All our cuisine is based on healthy products, balanced diet and we try to use as much as local produce as possible.


Although our culinary creations have a strong Italian influence we are mostly featuring many well-known recipes of other countries facing the Mediterranean Sea and embracing the Mediterranean culture. We proudly presents specialties and traditional dishes from the  French Riviera,  wonderful delicacies from Spain,  as well as mastering the spices and flavors  of the North-African countries, of the Greek islands and Middle East. Our idea is to provide a culinary experience using the simplest of products from these charismatic countries:  the smell of Lemon blossoms, the fragrance of a rosemary bush, the beauty of an Olive tree ... all details that are conjuring déjà-vu visions of the “Mammas” gathering families together all around the Blue Mediterranean Sea. Also, our background music of Italian, French and Spanish lounge beats, as well as opera airs depicting “La Dolce Vita”, are a mix of multi-ethnic sounds that will blend you into the culture of their Mediterranean shores.

That's what DÉJÀ BLUE is....

When designing this concept, we wished to recreate the convivial and friendly atmosphere of a Mediterranean house.

The open-kitchen, the indoor/outdoor bar opening on the serenity of the surrounding waters, the Olive Tree Courtyard surrounded by a mix of contemporary/refurbished tables and a well-designed variety of different chair and love-seat styles.

Did you know that our indoor tables are made with the reclaimed wood from the old broken outdoor deck? The grayish old-time patina of those planks was priceless and we helped the environment too!

Now, we encourage you to seat down and enjoy the company of your friends or Family and fit-in the beautiful décor...

We trust you will have an outstanding experience!

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