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Dreaming of Escaping ?

what if you could go far away without taking a plane?



from April 2 to may 1, 2022


Empty Prayer Room
Spice Market Dubai

Ramadan Iftar 


Starting April 2nd, and every day at sunset, we invite you to share with your friends and family a traditional Arabic Decadent Feast. 

Déjà Blue will guide you through the culinary street of Beirut, then far down south into an Algerian village and back north strolling into the busy alleys of Marrakesh

Every week, join us for Dinner and try a new and  mouthwatering Arabic Menu with a Mediterranean twist

Follow Tradition by starting your meal with a date, then indulge yourself with an array of dishes, designed exclusively for Ramadan, including Soup, Mezzeh, Entrees, and Dessert. Then end it with a glass of refreshing delicious hot mint tea

Dates and Cups

...and don’t forget to book your table

to celebrate the end of Ramadan, with the One and Only

"Eid“ Spectacular!

Live Entertainment, Shishah (Hookah) and an Epicurean spread of authentic Arabic recipes

Arab Woman
Stained Glass Lanterns
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